These have been some of the books, sites, podcast, youtube channels among other things that I've used so far in my journey. I'll be updating these over time.

Sites + Articles

These articles and sites go in depth into what goes into design so take your time with some of these.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Start in UX by the UX Collective Team

The Case Study Factory by the UX Collective Team

NN/G (Nielsen Norman Group)

Case Study Club

Youtube Channels

These channels are so full of great information on different kinds of design but also on self-management, freelancing, dealing with clients, and so much more.

UX/Product/General Design/Business

Jesse Showalter

The Futur

Christina aka Design Gal

Robert Smith

Hello, I’m Alexa

AJ and SmartCareerFoundry

NN/G (Nielsen Norman Group)


Thomas Frank

Matt D’Avella


Rowena Tsai

Job Hunting Tips/Advice

Sarah Doody

Madeline Mann

Andrew LaCivita


These podcasts are great to listen during a walk or whenever you have some free time.

The Crazy One

UX Cake


99% Invisible